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PRO8L3M – ART BRUT Mixtape


Art Brut is a mixtape based on 100% Polish music of the 70’s and 80’s, released by RHW Records.

Pro8l3m became a pop culture phenomenon, packed with hyperlinks and benefiting from the rich achievements of Polish artists past few decades. This is the merit of the production work Steez, who used “the best of …” our 70s and 80s and created the most interesting polish hip hop track in 2014.

The paradox lies in the fact that reaching into the archives of popular culture native, Warsaw duo created an album fresh and international.

At the time of release has become a classic, and the duo Pro8l3m, currently the hottest name in Polish hip-hop.  The whole edition (1 500 copies) “Art Brut” was sold out immediately and it was not without reason.

1. Art Brut
2. Stówa
3. Oczyszczenie
4. TEB 200-1
5. Poszła i nie wróci
6. Bez Tytułu
7. Nie ma ratunku
8. Ja ja ja pierdolę
9. Boiskowe Ferajny
10. Sansara
11. Księżycowy Krok
12. Mallory Knox
13. Pan Bóg Twój
14. Tiramisu 2
15. Jakby kończył się
16. W tej podróży
17. 2008 dobrze pamiętam
18. Ritz-Carlton

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