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Kettenkarussell – Easy Listening EP

Released this summer on the german label Giegling, Kettenkarussell – Easy Listening is the debut album of Herr Koreander (aka Konstantin) and Leafar Legov, a very promising duo who produced the label’s first release I Believe You And We Make Love Forever in 2009.

As soon as it starts, Easy Listening takes you on a musical journey full of melancholic melodies and nostalgic feelings. After a short intro – which features Bruce Lee over an orchestra tuning – comes the aptly named drama. Starting on an intriguing piano melody, drama brings the listener in an introspective dream where he rapidly will find himself caught by the catchy percussions. Meanwhile, a roar grows from the depths of the song and bring the final dramatic tone to this very well-built song.

All along the album, Kettenkarussell create a moody landscape for you to wander in (which is reflected by the cover of the album: a black and white picture of an old rollercoaster), switching between downtempo, dubbed deep-house, minimal techno and electronica. Except for Konstant sleep and Krusty Dreams, the first album of Herr Koreander and Leafar Legov is not destined to dancefloors. It is a conceptual musical journey which I found very interesting. It transports you into another place and time and this is a feeling which only a few artists manage to create. In a way, Kettenkarussell points at its influencers through this album. Chords of Banana is, for example, an explicit reference to Boards of Canada and the dreamy atmosphere of their songs.

Drama and Haller are to me the highlights of the album, although I would recommend listening to Easy Listening as a whole, preferably under a starry sky.

Tracklist :

A1 Intro
A2 Drama
A3 Chords Of Banana
B1 Konstant Sleep
B2 Spirale
C1 Haller
C2 Drift
C3 Krusty Dreams
D1 The End
D2 Of Course

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