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Daft Punk Live Album Box Set

Daft Punk Live Album Box Set


For Christmas we can count on a forthcoming limited edition box set from dj duo Daft Punk Live Album Box Set.

Alive 2007 is going to be released on two white vinyl LPs, next Alive 1997 on a silver LP and also a bonus LP. The box set will come also with a 52-page tour photo book, a download card and a slipmat.

It is going to be also the first and only time Alive 2007 which will be available on vinyl.


Side A:
01 “Robot Rock”
02 “Oh Yeah”
03 “Touch It”
04 “Technologic”
05 “Television Rules The Nation”
06 “Crescendolls”

Side B:
07 “Too Long”
08 “Steam Machine”
09 “Around The World”
10 “Harder Better Faster Stronger”
11 “Burnin’”
12 “Too Long”

Side C:
13 “Face To Face”
14 “Short Circuit”
15 “One More Time”
16 “Aerodynamic”
17 “Aerodynamic Beats”
18 “Forget About The World”

Side D:
19 “Prime Time Of Your Life”
20 “Brainwasher”
21 “Rollin’ And Scratchin’”
22 “Alive”
23 “Da Funk”
24 “Daftendirekt”
25 “Superheroes”
26 “Human After All”
27 “Rock’N’Roll

Deluxe Edition Bonus Vinyl:
01 “Human After All”
02 “Together”
03 “One More Time” (Reprise)
04 “Music Sounds Better With You”

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