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Tiago Russo
Tiago Russo — Graphic Designer
Birth Date : Apr. 12, 1985
Hometown : Itapeva/Sao Paulo - Brasil


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I am here to fulfill the promise I made years ago, talking about cool bands that have known over the years of my life.

But how I get the idea?

With that clip in mid-1999


Musicake Project when it started?

The idea I have matured in 2008, but just when I met Mell, in 2012, we created the Page on Facebook and then released the website in Brazil.

Who helped?

Thanks to the friends we had our first posts, and months of life.

Thanks to former Cakers: Cinthia Cardoso, Natália Coelho, Rafael Lucente, Rafael Rautha and Vitor Hatos.

Thanks for the support: Freak Geeks, Bezzi, Felipe Pacelli, Click Indaia, Cult Republic, Panicbomb Photo and Cereja Rocks.

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Tiago Russo

Graphic Designer at Musicake
The Rocker Caker
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